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What is Life Care Planning?

What is a Life Care Plan?

A life care plan is an organized, researched plan that estimates an injured or disabled person's lifelong future medical needs and associated future costs of those medical needs. A life care plan reduces the potential for complications by identifying treatment recommendations to ensure quality of care. Advanced Life Care Planning LLC employs credentialed individuals with knowledge of disabilities and outcomes who are able to develop a comprehensive plan endorsed by all parties involved.

Who develops a life care plan?

Life care plans can be developed by a variety of health care professionals. Registered nurses, certified vocational and disability counselors, and occupational therapists are the most common professionals who seek certification as life care planners. Advanced Life Care Planning LLC utilizes professionals to develop individualized life care plans. Important factors to consider with qualified life care planners are certification, and maintenance of records of continuing education for clinical competence. Advanced Life Care Planning LLC's life care planners credentials are Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP) .Maintaining certification requires attending conferences for continuing educations units in the areas appropriate for life care planning.

As noted, Advanced Life Care Planning LLC employs certified occupational therapists and certified diability case managers. Our counselors are able to address the area of lost wages including future earning capacity loss.

What areas are addressed in a life care plan?

Each life care plan is individualized to the client medical situation and may include; home care/facility care, projected therapeutic modalities, diagnostic testing, wheelchair needs, wheelchair accessories and maintenance, orthopedic equipment needs, orthotics/prosthetics, aids for independent function, home furnishings and accessories, drug and supply needs, future medical care, transportation, architectural complications, leisure or recreational equipment, and vocational/educational plan.

How does the life care planner determine the lifetime cost estimate?

The life care planner uses a standard process to identify the recommendations, cost, frequency and purpose. Vendors assist to determine the per year cost of the item, and a projected life expectancy is utilized to provide costs in today's dollar amount. An economist is recommended to adjust the plan with cost of living variables.

Why Use a Certified Life Care Planner?

  • Clarify Patient’s Medical Needs

  • Strengthen Settlement Negotiations by providing:

    • Comprehensive Patient Specific Case Knowledge 
    • Reliable Cost Projections for Expert Testimony
    • Clinical Expertise

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